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PT. Forisa Nusapersada Develops Women's Creativity and Productivity Through Factory Visits and Food Business Training

14 July 2022

PT. Forisa Nusapersada Develops Women's Creativity and Productivity Through Factory Visits and Food Business Training

PT. Forisa Nusapersada again held activities to develop creativity and productivity, as well as provide benefits to Indonesian women. Through the Promotion Team for the South Jakarta area, PT. Forisa Nusapersada collaborates with the PKK Mobilization Team throughout South Jakarta in carrying out various activities. Starting with training - training on various recipes from Brand NUTRIJELL, NUTRICAKE, PERKEDELKU, AGARASA, PUDDING NUTRIJELL, and MOM'S RECIPE SILKY PUDDING to mothers of the PKK and Dharma Wanita Mobilization Teams from the District level to the City of South Jakarta.

The various pieces of training provided are a form of concern for PT. Forisa Nusapersada towards women and housewives, so that they can become independent women and housewives, and can help the family economy by utilizing the results of the training which is manifested in the form of selling their work by utilizing the products of PT. Forisa Nusapersada provided these various pieces of training.

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, the Mayor of South Jakarta as well as the Chair of the PKK and Dharma Wanita Mobilizing Team for South Jakarta, Mrs. Enssie Feransie Munjirin together with 20 personnel from the PKK Chair at the District level held a working visit at the PT. Forisa Nusapersada – Cikupa.

All participants who arrived at the location were greeted with the beauty of the beautiful garden, cool and beautifully arranged, so that it attracted the attention of all participants to take selfies and videos for the benefit of the South Jakarta PKK driving team, at the park location which is located in the front yard of the FORISA meeting building.

This visit intends to introduce and increase the knowledge of the PKK Cadres and DWP of South Jakarta City to the PKK Cadres and DWP of the city of South Jakarta regarding the process of making food and beverage products at the FORISA factory which are processed hygienically, modernly and meet health standards for making food and beverages following regulations. Government.

"The biggest hope is that the results of the training provided can help MSMEs in the South Jakarta area grow," said Mrs. Essie.

The participants were guided by a team from PT. Forisa Nusapersada and Mr. Yohanes Budianto as the Plant Director participated in accompanying and explaining one by one starting from the laboratory room, production room, quality control, packaging room, storage and distribution warehouse for production to the waste treatment area, all neatly arranged, clean and arranged in an orderly manner. careful and efficient.

All participants seemed to really enjoy the factory visit which occupies an area of + 8000 thousand meters, located in the Bhumi Mas Industrial area, Cikupa - Tangerang Regency - Banten.

After walking around enough, the participants returned to the meeting building, to enjoy a variety of foods and beverages processed by PT. Forisa Nusapersada. On the same occasion, participants were able to watch a product demo presented by Chef from Forisa, on how to make MOM'S RECIPE SILKY PUDDING and NUTRICAKE BROWNIES which are very easy and practical, and of course, the results can be taken home along with the gift of NUTRICAKE products, NUTRIJELL, MOM'S RECIPE SILKY PUDDING, NUTRIJELL PUDDING, and JELLY SHAKE drinks in the form of goody bags. The same news link can be seen at:
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