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Ahad Pagi Recitation Event with Anget Sari

2 August 2022

That morning, thousands of male and female worshipers from various areas in Ponorogo District packed the Al Manar Mosque and its surroundings, located on Ronojayan Street, Siman sub-district, Ponorogo District, East Java. In this activity, which is popularly called the “AHAD PAGI” recitation, around +1,250 people gathered at the location at 05.00 am.

The ANGET SARI PROMOTION TEAM in collaboration with the PENGAJIAN AHAD PAGI committee, provided a free ginger drink "ANGET SARI" for the participants to enjoy, the ANGET SARI drink containing JAHE EMPRIT is very appropriate to drink in the morning, there are several flavors that are owned "ANGET SARI” such as ANGET SARI GINGER MILK, ANGET SARI WEDANG GINGER, ANGET SARI LIME, ANGET SARI EMPON EMPON and the newest ones are ANGET SARI GINGER SARI RED HABBATUSSAUDA and ANGET SARI WEDANG JAHE MERAH HABBATUSSAUDA.

ANGET SARI also gives a warm sensation because it contains EMPRIT GINGER and RED GINGER. The enthusiasm of the recitation participants after getting the ginger drink "ANGET SARI", managed to get a place in the hearts and attention of the recitation participants, so they scrambled to buy their products at the ANGET SARI Booth which was at the entrance and exit of the recitation area.

Hopefully the benefits of the ginger drink "ANGET SARI" can be felt by the people of Ponorogo district, where the products can be obtained easily at food stalls and basic food shops in Ponorogo district - East Java.


(YK, 2022)