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PT Forisa Nusapersada Receives BPOM Recognition for Excelling in Processed Food Industry During Pandemic

20 March 2023

PT Forisa Nusapersada, a company engaged in the processed food industry, has successfully received a certificate of recognition from the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) in the processed food industry category that has improved performance during the pandemic on February 15th, 2023. This certificate of recognition is an acknowledgement from the BPOM for PT Forisa Nusapersada's efforts in maintaining the quality and safety of its processed food products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the world has also impacted various aspects of the processed food industry. However, PT Forisa Nusapersada was able to adapt quickly by implementing innovations and adjustments in the production and distribution of its processed food products. The company was able to maintain product availability and quality while also adhering to health and safety protocols for its employees and customers.

The certificate of recognition from the BPOM demonstrates that PT Forisa Nusapersada has met the safety and quality standards for its processed food products set by the BPOM. This is a clear indication to consumers that PT Forisa Nusapersada's processed food products are safe and of high quality.

In its efforts to improve its performance during the pandemic, PT Forisa Nusapersada also implemented various innovations such as increasing the use of technology, strengthening the supply chain, and increasing production capacity. Additionally, the company also prioritized environmental sustainability by implementing waste reduction programs and using environmentally-friendly raw materials.

This certificate of recognition also serves as proof that PT Forisa Nusapersada is a responsible company that is committed to the quality of its products and the safety of consumers during the pandemic. By receiving this certificate of recognition, PT Forisa Nusapersada is expected to maintain and improve its performance in the future and continue to be a trusted and high-quality processed food producer in Indonesia.