Primaline & Bubble Pop

Powder Premium PRIMALINE weight per bag is 800gr. Sugar is added, thus you can just blend and enjoy our products. Primaline has been used by respectable chain restaurants and cafes in Indonesia.
Our Primaline also comes complete with Halal certificates and Indonesian FDA Certifications. 
Primaline variants are : Chocolate, Cappuccino, Blueberry, Lychee, Mango, Mung Bean, Green Tea Matcha, Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Lemonade Tea, Avocado, Plain Jelly.


Powder BUBBLE POP weight per bag is 1kg. no Sugar added in this product, thus you can add sugar and creamer for your personal enjoyment. Bubble Pop is suitable for home industries and bubble drink franchises. Our Bubble Pop also comes complete with Halal certificates and Indonesian FDA Certifications.  
Bubble Pop variants are : Royal Chocolate, Avocado, Creamy Chocolate, Royal Cappuccino, Coffee Caramel, Bubble gum, Vanilla, Taro .


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Primaline & Bubble Pop Variant :

  • Buble Pop

  • Primaline

Primaline Matcha Freakshake

Bahan – bahan :

Primaline Green Tea 35 gr
Fresh Milk 150 ml
Syrup Gula 45 ml
Fresh Milk (di beku kan) 100 gr
Ice cream Matcha / Vanilla 1 scoop

Cara Membuat :

1. Baluri leher Jar dengan Chocolate jam, tempelkan Chocochips Orange & hijau, ring candy dan Biskuit stick Matcha, sisihkan.
2. Blender semua bahan sampai halus dan tercampur rata kecuali ice cream.
3. Masukkan 1 scoop ice cream Matcha / Vanilla ke dalam jar, lalu masukkan hasil yang di blender tadi ke dalam jar.
4. Beri topping whipped cream lalu beri garnish dengan taburan primaline green tea, Strawberry segar dan Biskuit stick Matcha.

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